Vesey Sweepstakes Ends With NYR Victory


As many have already heard Jimmy Vesey, the highly coveted Harvard college hockey player has decided to sign a deal with the New York Rangers. Continue reading


Hayes Inks Bridge Deal


The final RFA, Kevin Hayes, signed a new contract with the New York Rangers only hours after the organization agreed to a four-year deal with pending RFA Chris Kreider. As many expected, and as predicted by Real Talk Rangers, Hayes was able to negotiate a bridge contract worth $2.6 million per year for the next two seasons. Continue reading

Kreider Signs


Chris Kreider, arguably the blueshirts most valuable RFA, has finally signed a 4 year deal worth 4.625 million dollar per year. Many people have been speculating the value of Chris Kreider and what he adds to the roster. Kreider is undoubtedly a key piece to the young core of the Rangers, but is he worth what he got?

Continue reading


Rangers Break the Silence, Add Grabner


By no means did the Rangers make a big splash on the first day of free agency, and that’s probably for the best. With a team still crunched by the salary cap, the Rangers made 3 moves that added depth to a team that had lost its identity last year.  Continue reading


Money Talks, Yandle Walks


For all of you who thought trading Yandle’s rights to the Florida Panthers was a bad idea; you have just been proven wrong. This blogger has been saying to let Yandle walk for a long time, but some didn’t want to hear it.  Continue reading