Real Talk Rangers is a new blog that writes fresh takes on current New York Ranger topics. Our goal is to give the true blue fans what they want: A one stop shop for current events, statistical analysis, and opinion-based articles.

About the Creators

Derek Radich:

Derek is currently a graduate student pursuing his doctorate degree in Optometry. He has been a dedicated Rangers fan since birth. His motivation in blogging began in the last few years as he became frustrated with the “political correctness” and lack of opinion in mainstream Rangers articles. Derek strives to call it as he sees it, with no hesitation in blogging a highly controversial topic. He hopes to bring new insight to current issues, with also gaining the respect of Rangers fans everywhere. His favorite Ranger of all-time is Brian Leetch and his favorite current Ranger is Mats Zuccarello.

Greg Slotnick:

Greg is currently a law school student whose passion for sports begins and ends with the New York Rangers. The son of a diehard fan, Greg has been rooting for the Blueshirts through the highs and lows, and his passion for the team as well as sports analysis led him to Real Talk Rangers. Greg puts out calculated opinions and loves debating hot topics surrounding the team and the sport. He got his feet wet publishing an article for Bleacher Report, and is striving to continue fueling conversations from every corner of the fan-base. His favorite Ranger ever is Mark Messier, and his current favorite is Ryan McDonagh.