Vesey Sweepstakes Ends With NYR Victory


As many have already heard Jimmy Vesey, the highly coveted Harvard college hockey player has decided to sign a deal with the New York Rangers.

For the last week or so, many rumors had been floating around on where Vesey would land including Boston, Chicago, New Jersey, New York Rangers, and Toronto. Early in the day Friday, reports came out that Vesey had limited his choice to either Chicago or New York, making Rangers fans very anxious but also excited about the possibility of him choosing New York. About 20 minutes later Vesey’s agent states that all teams are still in the running and that a decision could be delayed as far as Saturday night. Needless to say Ranger fans were gearing up for a long night of waiting and anticipation. Then at 4:52 PM on Friday my phone vibrates. It’s an alert from the Rangers official twitter page: Vesey has signed with the New York Rangers!

Jimmy Vesey had a noteworthy career at Harvard and was able to bring home the Hobey Baker award, which is awarded to the most outstanding college hockey player, during his senior year. Vesey displays top-notch hockey sense with an excellent ability to find the back of the net, uncharacteristic of a young college hockey player. His skills should be able to translate well into the NHL where we hope for some productive years in the future.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 9.49.49 PM

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