Kreider Signs


Chris Kreider, arguably the blueshirts most valuable RFA, has finally signed a 4 year deal worth 4.625 million dollar per year. Many people have been speculating the value of Chris Kreider and what he adds to the roster. Kreider is undoubtedly a key piece to the young core of the Rangers, but is he worth what he got?

A few days ago, many thought this process was headed straight towards arbitration as the Rangers decided they would try to low ball Kreider into a contract worth 3.2 million. Kreider and his agent came back with a firm 4.75 million per year. Based on an earlier article we projected Kreider would get a comparable offer to Kyle Palmieri of the New Jersey Devils, who inked a 5 year, 4.65 million dollar deal. Clearly the Rangers truly valued Kreider as they agreed to pay only 100,000 dollar less than what was asked.

There is no doubt that Kreider has much to prove with this new contract. He has been a consistent offensive threat in the Rangers lineup but every year has us yearning for more. With the potential Kreider has to be top NHL power forward, in my mind similar to Milan Lucic, he should be able to break the 30 goal mark for the first time in his career. In fact, I believe he has the potential to be a 30 goal scorer for many seasons to come. The chart below helps outline that Kreider is indeed deserving of his contract, and has lived up to being a top line winger.

Story 1 (1)

The pieces are starting to fall into place for the New York Rangers. Next in line is Kevin Hayes whose skill and work ethic are under question as he bargains for a new deal. I’m confident that Hayes and the organization will come to a reasonable deal. With a new deal and newfound motivation Hayes will hopefully perform much better in the upcoming season. That being said, any worse and he’ll find himself out of the lineup or on a different team. The Rangers need to be careful not to overpay or guarantee him too long of a deal. At the very least they need to ensure that Hayes can be moved in the future by limiting his no trade clause so that it favors the organization.

I expect Hayes to have a deal before his arbitration hearing and will keep you updated on any news. 82 days until opening night. Let’s go Rangers!



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