J.T Miller signs


Now that the Rangers have added Grabner, Gerbe, and Paliotta it seems that the roster is starting to take shape. Jeff Gorton and the Rangers front office have commenced work on the restricted free agents.

The Rangers have 4 RFA’s this off-season: Chris Kreider, J.T. Miller, Dylan McIlrath, and Kevin Hayes. All four players have filed for arbitration and have arbitration hearings scheduled on the following dates:

Dylan McIlrath: 07/21

Chris Kreider: 07/22

Kevin Hayes: 07/27

J.T. Miller: 08/02

Although the players have filed for arbitration, the Rangers can avoid the hearings by agreeing to terms with any player before their respective dates. It is very common for teams to come to terms prior to the hearing date in order to avoid the nasty arbitration process.

Today, J.T. Miller was the first player to avoid arbitration. The Rangers agreed on a 2-year bridge contract worth $2.75 million per year. This deal makes perfect sense to me. Similar to the Chris Kreider bridge contract from two years ago, it allows the Rangers to be more flexible with the salary cap issues they presently have, while also allowing the team the opportunity to be sure they want to commit to Miller long-term after the next two seasons. The problem you run into with bridge contracts is that after the two years, players demand large, long-term deals which are often too pricey for the organization. This, sadly, is what is currently happening with Chris Kreider.

Miller, a 23-year-old winger, can likely add 20 goals and 40 assists this upcoming year. He is worth every penny we spent and will likely be looked at as a future long-term piece for the NYR. The problem, which we all knew was coming, is that the Rangers now only have $9.95 million dollars left under cap. With this $9.95 million, the Rangers will need to sign Kreider, Hayes,  McIlrath, and some additional depth forwards due to the Oscar Lindberg injury. This will be a tough task and it’s possible 1 of the 3 big names above is left out of the picture come October.

So far, so good for the ever-patient Jeff Gorton. We will update if and when the other RFA’s sign before arbitration or if any players s on into the hearing.

Stay Tuned. Let’s Go Rangers!


5 thoughts on “J.T Miller signs

  1. Glad they were able to reasonably sign Miller
    Hope Krieder takes $4.65 million for 5 years like Palmeri ! I Would question anything more than $4.95 million per
    That would leave 5 million + for 2 two year bridge deals with Hayes ($ 2.5mm /per and McIlrath ( $ 1.25 mm/ per ) and possibly $1.25mm per (for D Moore , to replace Lindberg centering the fourth line until he returns from surgery ) .
    If more cap space is needed, they can buyout Glass, from his 1.45 mm contract in 2016/7 and pay him $783,334 in 2016/ 7 and $333,334 in 2017/8 . I do not think they will release Glass until McIlrath signs and becomes the new Rangers enforcer !


    • I agree with everything you said except Bringing back D Moore. The team can pay a younger more energetic winger to replace Lindberg for the time being. Although he want have the same veteran presence, it will be a valuable experience for a young upcoming player like Jensen or Gropp. Besides that. Spot on.


  2. While I would have liked to sign JT to a 5 year deal it woulda been impossible with the money they have left to spend. If Kreider gets 5 mill (better be more consistent though) it still leaves almost 5 mill for Hayes n Mcilrath. Hayes can’t be getting too much yet. I’m not sure he’ll even get 2 mill but if he gets that or even 2.5 which I doubt that still leaves 2.4 mill for Mcilrath and a depth player or 2. Unless I’m way off here that should very doable I think.


    • I agree with your assessment. Kreider will likely get a similar contract to Kyle Palmieri (5 years at 4.65 per). If that’s the case, which is very affordable, then we should be able to lock up both McIlrath and Hayes on two year bridge deals. Management just has to make sure that we don’t lock ourselves into a cap crunch for the next five years like we’ve been for the last five years. Change and growth requires a little wiggle room under the cap. Hopefully we can get this all done in a reasonable manner.


      • Yeah I know what you mean. I’m not thrilled about too many bridge contracts either. It’s funny you don’t want to jump into a long term contract just cause some kid has a good rookie season but yet you don’t want to have to pay that kid a ton of more money if becomes a really good or great hockey player after that 2 year bridge contract. A GM really does have a tough job. I think a lot comes down to having that guy in the organization that recognizes good talent and then the GM to trust him when he says this guy is a keeper, sign him long term. Looks like Tampa Bay has that going for them right now. They seem to get real good players out of the draft every year. I’m looking forward to getting Kreider n Mcilrath resigned and getting going. I think we’re gonna be better then fans think. I am concerned abou the D though but I’m not one of the fans tha thinks we’re all washed up just cause we went out in the 1st round. We still did have 101 points and were 7th I think in scoring. The team we lost to went on to win the cup we didn’t go down to any ole team.


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