Money Talks, Yandle Walks


For all of you who thought trading Yandle’s rights to the Florida Panthers was a bad idea; you have just been proven wrong. This blogger has been saying to let Yandle walk for a long time, but some didn’t want to hear it. 

If you haven’t heard yet Keith Yandle and the Florida Panthers have come to terms on a 7 year deal that will bank 44.5 million dollars for Keith. That’s 6.35 million dollars over the next 7 years. That is exactly why the New York Rangers were smart to let him walk, and get draft picks out of it while doing so.

The bottom line is the Rangers couldn’t afford to keep Yandle around. To be perfectly honest, even if they could have paid him, they would be wise not to. Sure, Keith Yandle is a skilled defenseman who can make a Power Play extremely successful if utilized the right way, but not at that price and for that long. Keith Yandle who is currently 29 years old can keep up with the speed of the game and be competitive for some years to come. Come 5 years from now when Yandle is in his mid thirties, is he still going to be worth that kind of money? I think not. The problem here is that defenseman take a beating on the ice. I know Keith Yandle is the iron man who never gets hurt (551 consecutive starts for Yandle), but whether or not he gets hurt his body will get run down. When Yandle comes down from his prime, which is likely sooner rather than later, the Florida Panthers will be regretting paying big bucks for such a long-term.

Florida should have looked into what the Rangers have been doing for several years now. Paying big players big money for extended periods of time. How has that worked out so far? Lets see. We have Wade Redden, Dan Girardi, Marc Staal, Rick Nash, and Derek Stepan. All terrible long-term contracts that are now anchors in our roster. In case your saying “lets just trade these guys”, easier said than done. Not many teams are willing to take on large, long term contracts that could have them bound up for years to come. Also in case you were wondering, Keith Yandle’s new deal with Florida has a no move clause for the first 6 years. Yandle has cashed in and will be enjoying the Florida sunshine for many years to come.

The people who claim trading Yandle’s rights was a bad idea are the same people who in 4 years would be complaining tha Yandle sucks and we should have never signed him to such a long-term, big money deal. Then they’d say “lets just trade him”. The vicious cycle continues.

Trading Yandle’s right was the best move we’ve made in recent history. We avoided falling into the trap of locking up Yandle long-term, while starting to bolster up our youth with draft picks. The last thing the Rangers needed was another Girardi or Staal deal on the table. Well done Gorton, let’s see what else you have in store for the team.


4 thoughts on “Money Talks, Yandle Walks

  1. I don’t know why you added Stepan to the list of bad contracts. He’s not only been a good two way forward but has just started his contract and is still young. Take him out of the line up and you see the Rangers are not as good. They’ve missed him when he has gotten hurt. He may not be an elite center but he’s a damn good one and has got some big goals for us. It’s like people here that the Rangers are taking offers on him,so that means he stinks and it’s a bad contract. I think you’re wrong


    • I can understand your take on this issue. Putting Stepan in there is a bit of a stretch, especially when you look at the others on the list. I’m not so concerned with his play. I believe he has been a good center for us and his production has been consistent. What worries me more is his knack to get injured, and his contract. I know he is still young but giving an injury prone player a long term deal for big money has its downfalls, specifically on a very very tight cap space team like the New York Rangers. Today should be an exciting day for Rangers fans and we’ll see what happens. Stay tuned.


  2. You forgot the anchor in net’s contract…..

    If you think a dman who can net 45/50 assists a season isn’t worth $6.3 million, then that goalie for $8.5 is quite a waste….. Quite a waste, indeed


    • If you’re implying that Henrik has been anything but extraordinary during his entire tenure with the Rangers you’d be wrong. Is he overpaid? Maybe. You’re talking about the teams franchise player, face of the New York Rangers, and most consistent player night in and night out. Saying he isn’t worth the money is like saying Derek Jeter wasn’t worth anything the Yankees. Hank has been spectacular, even with a poor defense playing in front of him. If you put Hank on any other team who goes deep in the playoffs, he’d have 2-3 cups already. Makes me wonder why he even wants to stay in NY, the cup is very elusive at the Garden.


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