Dan Boyle Departs Rangers, Possibly NHL


This post will be relatively short and straight forward. Dan Boyle will NOT be a New York Ranger next season. He will also likely retire after a long 15 some odd year career, with one Stanley cup under his belt.

Dan Boyle has ended his dismal 2 year stint with the rangers and not a moment too soon. Again, AV has shown his blind loyalty to Boyle allowing him to play the majority of the season, while keeping young, growing players like McIlrath on the bench. Dan Boyle was brought in primarily to be an offensive force on the blue line, and to be the Rangers “quarterback” on the forever weak powerplay of the blueshirts. In his 2 years, Boyle posted 19 goals and 25 assists in 139 games adding 3 goals, and 8 assists in 28 playoff games. Disturbing, however, is that Boyle only had 6 goals and 8 assists on the powerplay during the regular season for a total of 14 PP points in 2 years! I wouldn’t call that a stellar performance for someone thought to bring life to the Powerplay. Boyle was often out of position defensively and unable to keep up with the speed of the young players in the league. Shedding of Boyle will be beneficial for the Ranger going forward, Period.

What is unfortunate is the fact that people will only remember Boyle for his break up day rant against the always critical Larry Brooks, and that other guy Brett. Boyle was a consistent D-man and a threat offensively during his years in Tampa Bay and San Jose, but just couldn’t muster any game in New York, and the media took advantage of that. Boyle is likely a Hall of Fame candidate and people should look beyond his frustrating exit and rather reflect on his accomplishments and his successful career.

I wish all the luck to Dan Boyle if he decides to continue in the NHL as either a player or a coach, but I am also very relieved that I wont see number 22 on the blueline come October

One more time, just for kicks:




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